Inspired by Life
by Ann Dodson


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If you like the style of a piece but not the colors feel free to ask if I will custom make it with your favorite colors.  I often do custom work.

Bead embroidery is inspired by one's dreams, imaginations and surroundings.
Wood Nymphs, left, reminds me of childhood days  playing in the woods near our home and the flowers Mama always had planted around the house.  Across the corn fields behind the house and down the hill was the creek where we went fishing and swimming on hot summer days with the sun shining down on us like we were all there was.  
#1002   $175.00
  #125 Dark Fringe  $60.00

The fringe bracelet is choco brown with cherry red and mustard yellow fire polished beads. 
  Fringe Bracelet #120    $60.00
Bumpy Pearls    #121  $75.00    
Multi-color Kumahimu # !22  $50.00

I've been beading for about 6 years now.  I started out with simple stringing.  I read beading
books, took classes and experimented on my own.  I found that I really liked making pieces using the Peyote stitch.  And then I discovered bead embroidery.  Although it often take months to make a necklace with embroidery, it allows me to use my imagination and to use nature to inspire me.
Inspiration can be found in every area of life.  Maybe that's why I never make the same exact item twice.  I may use the same pattern but I will use different colors and/or beads.
While I traveled around the US, particularely the west coast, while married to my sailor husband, I am currently settled in Bradenton/Sarasota, FL area.  It is here that my beading has grown and blossomed and where inspiration abounds.
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